New journal publication

New publication: Katharina Lobinger (ViRe Project Leader), Rebecca Venema (Associate Project Member), Seraina Tarnutzer (Project Member), and Federico Lucchesi (Project Member) have published the article “What is visual intimacy? Mapping a complex phenomenon". The open access article has just been published in MedieKultur – Journal of media and communication research. In this article, we discuss the concept of ‘visual intimacy’, which has been discussed in various studies and in different research fields. But the fact that various studies refer to “visual intimacy” does not mean that they address the same visual practices. Based on an interdisciplinary literature review, we systematize what previous publications refer to using the terms “visual intimacy” or “visual intimacies”. We thus map how visual intimacy has been examined in previous research and examine the different roles that visuals and visual practices can play in creating and maintaining intimacy in mediatized relationships. We show that intimacy is sometimes based on the content of visuals, sometimes on practices of productionsharing, and looking at visuals together, and that, at other times, even practices of seeing can foster intimacy. Overall, we provide a comprehensive overview of what can be understood as “visual intimacy”.

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