ViRe Team accepted at ICA 2022

3 papers accepted for ICA 2022 “One World, One Network?” in Paris, May 26-30, 2022. Two members of the ViRe team will present results of the ViRe project in three presentations: Federico Lucchesi will give a poster presentation on visual communication practices of couple relationships on social network sites, entitled “Limited uses but important social functions: Maintaining romantic relationships through visual interpersonal communication on Social Network Sites”. Seraina Tarnutzer will be discussing in a poster presentation a methodological approach developed together with Katharina Lobinger for the qualitative analysis of large visual data corpi under the title “Image Type Analysis Revisited. A visual analytical approach for analyzing visuals in communication practices”. Additionally, Seraina Tarnutzer will be part of the panel “Social Media are Visual Media: Culture, Practice and Change" talking about “Firsties", couple images in the early stages of a relationship, in the presentation entitled “‘Firsties’ – Where it all begins. A visual analysis of photographs taken during the initiation phase of couple relationships”, also on behalf of co-author Katharina Lobinger.

We are very excited to be part of ICA 2022 – see you in Paris!

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