Katharina Lobinger at “Selfie-Forschung”

Our project leader Katharina Lobinger participated in the conference “Selfie-Forschung und ihre interdisziplinären Fragestellungen, Methoden und Ergebnisse”, that took place online on October 7-8, 2021. She gave a talk entitled  «Wo ist eigentlich die Kritik an Selfies geblieben? Zum “Coming of age” eines oft problematisierten Genres visueller Kommunikation».

A talk focused on the use of selfies as visual communication, Katharina Lobinger highlights how: “The selfie thus remains a highly exciting object of research, through which we can learn a great deal about legitimate and non-legitimate forms and genres of communication in our society. The selfie is thus a genre of introspection in a double sense. “

Categories: Conference, Talk