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For our research project “Visualized Relationships” we are looking for couples or best friends, with at least one of you living in Switzerland. In the project, we are interested in learning about how you communicate with your partner or friend. We will ask you about the role of media and the use of visual communication. You do not need any particular knowledge or preparation.

Interested? We would be happy to do an interview with you!


What will happen in detail?

We, Federico Lucchesi and Seraina Tarnutzer, are the PhD students within the project and we will conduct the interviews. The study consists of two interviews:

The first interview is a pair interview, in which we talk with both of you together. In the second interview we talk to you individually. We will also conduct a separate second interview with your partner or friend. This means, in total, 2 interview sessions for each one of you.

The language of the interview can either be Swiss-German, French, Italian or English.


How much time do I need to invest and when?

In fixing the dates we are flexible, and we will select them based on your availabilities. We expect the interviews to take about 1,5 – 2 hours.

We will conduct the interviews in a place you feel comfortable. This could be, for example, your home. If you prefer a different setting, we will select one together.

For the pair interview, we will ask you to select 3-5 images that are either meaningful to you or typical of our relationship (or both). We will talk about them in the interviews.

As a small thank you for your participation in both interviews you will receive 50 Swiss Francs.

We would be really happy to get to know you!

Any questions? Just contact us anytime!

The ViRe Team