ViRe Members at the IVMC6 Visual Conference in Bucharest

ViRe Members Federico Lucchesi and Seraina Tarnutzer participated in the International Visual Methods Conference, that took place in Bucharest, RO, July 16-19, 2019. They gave two talks related to the main topic of “Crafting a Visual Plot – Epic Images of Mundane Stories”.

Federico Lucchesi’s talk focused on visual methods within interviews. Under the title “Follow (up) the visual. Building continuity within the sets of interviews through visual methods” (a research conducted together with Seraina Tarnutzer, Katharina Lobinger and Rebecca Venema), he pointed at the possible advantages of creative visual techniques (e.g. network drawings), such as building continuity between to different sets of interviews.

Seraina Tarnutzer gave a talk entitled “Content and context in visual elicitation. Where is the visual content in visual methods?” (co-authored by Federico Lucchesi, Katharina Lobinger and Rebecca Venema). She focused on the content and context of visual material in photo-elicitation discussing potential benefits of analyzing the photographs that are used for the photo-elicitation.

The conference was very stimulating and helpful, also with respect to current activities of the ViRe-research project.
Thank you, Bucharest!

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