2 ViRe Presentations at the ECREA TWG Visual Cultures Conference in Ljubljana

Three ViRe members attended the ECREA Temporary Working Group Conference, whose overall topic was „Visual Cultures and Communication: Images and Practices on the Move“. It took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 4-6.

ViRe members: Seraina Tarnutzer, Federico Lucchesi, Katharina Lobinger

Katharina Lobinger was among the organizers of the event.

Under the title „Methods on the move. Grasping the complexities of visual communication practices with repertoire-oriented approaches.“, Seraina Tarnutzer discussed, also on behalf of Federico Lucchesi and Katharina Lobinger, the advantages of a repertoire-oriented methodological research design for visual communication research. In the presentation, she gave „hands on“ insights into how we apply the approach within the ViRe research project (Visualized relationships).

Federico Lucchesi, also on behalf of Seraina Tarnutzer and Katharina Lobinger, discussed the paper “Visual Intimacy – Moving towards an overall conceptualization”. He shed light on existing theories and definitions of intimacy and mediated intimacy. Then, combining both theoretical reflections, previous studies and empirical data from our own research, he provided a conceptualization of the many different forms of visual intimacy, underlining the roles of visual practices in fostering intimacy within close social relationships.

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