Out now: Two chapters by our project members

The book „zeigen | andeuten | verstecken. Bilder zwischen Verantwortung und Provokation“ edited by C. Schwender, C. Brantner, C. Graubner and J. von Gottberg, has been published!

In this book you can find two chapters by Katharina Lobinger (ViRe Project Leader) and Rebecca Venema (Associate Project Member of ViRe).

Rebecca Venema focuses on controversial debates about changing visual everyday practices. In her chapter “Bilder- Normen – Diskurse. Theoretisch-konzeptionelle Grundlagen für die Analyse von Normen in Debatte über visuelle Alltagspraktiken” she provides a theoretical and conceptual framework to better understand how norms are communicated and established in mediated public discourses.

In their chapter “Pepe the Frog – Lustiges Internet-Meme, Nazi-Symbol und Herausforderung für die Visuelle Kommunikationsforschung” Katharina Lobinger, Rebecca Venema, Benjamin Krämer & Eleonora Benecchi discuss why Pepe is not only a funny meme and which challenges arise when aiming to understand and evaluate a multilayered visual phenomenon like Pepe the Frog.

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