DGPuK-Division Visual Communication

ViRe presentations at the Anniversary Conference of the DGPuK-Division Visual Communication 

Two ViRe members, Katharina Lobinger and Seraina Tarnutzer, took part in the 20th Annual Conference of the DGPuK Visual Communication Division, which was held at the University of Trier, Germany, November 25-27. The overall conference theme was “Power of Images – Images of Power. On visual political communication in digital contexts".

Katharina Lobinger (Credits: Medienwissenschaft Trier)

Seraina Tarnutzer (Credits: Tom Knieper)

With the title “Image Type Analysis – On the Bundling of Images in Communicative Practices" Seraina Tarnutzer and Katharina Lobinger presented the jointly developed approach for analyzing images within their communication contexts. The talk was part of a panel that aimed at discussing different ways of creating image types. Panel organizers were Katharina Lobinger and Cornelia Brantner. 

In addition, Katharina Lobinger was invited to discuss the history and milestones of the Division, as well as to formulate an outlook for the coming years together with other long-standing members of the DGPuK Visual Communication Division.

Katharina Lobinger - Roundtable (Credits: Medienwissenschaft Trier)

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