Activities of ViRe members at the annual conference of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) in Münster, Germany

ViRe members Rebecca Venema and Katharina Lobinger attended the 64th Annual Conference of the German Communication Association that took place from May 9 to May 11 2019 in Münster, Germany.

Rebecca Venema participated in a meeting of the Young Scholar Representatives of the DGPuK as a young scholars’ representative of the visual communication section.

Together with Nina Springer and Cornelia Brantner, Katharina Lobinger gave a talk on “(Un-)sichtbarer Hass: Hate Speech in Online-Memes “ in the all-female (!) panel “Integration und Spaltung in digitalisierten Öffentlichkeiten: Die Bedeutung von Sichtbarkeit in Deutungskämpfen” organized by the research group “(In)Visibility in the Digital Age“.

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