2 papers accepted for presentation at IVMC in Bucharest

Two submissions of our ViRe team members, Federico Lucchesi, Seraina Tarnuzter, Rebecca Venema and Katharina Lobinger, were accepted for presentation at the 6thInternational Visual Methods Conference that will take place in Bucharest, Romania, on July 16th-19th. The conference theme is „Crafting a Visual Plot – Epic Images of Mundane Stories“

Both papers focus on methodological challenges for visual methods: 

Seraina Tarnutzer, Federico Lucchesi, Rebecca Venema and Katharina Lobinger will present a paper entitled “Content and context in visual elicitation. Where is the visual content in visual methods?”.

Furthermore, Federico Lucchesi, Seraina Tarnutzer, Rebecca Venema and Katharina Lobinger will give a presentation with the title “Follow (Up) the Visual – Building continuity within sets of interviews through visual methods”. 

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